Gilbert G. Bilezikian: Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs

Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs


You Mean to Say You Don't Know the Meaning of * Monophysitism * Hypostatic Union * Infralapsarian * Traducianism * Chiliastic * Pneumatomachian Cheer up! You don't have to have thousand-dollar vocabulary in order to grasp the priceless basics of Christianity. Christianity 101 bridges the gap between biblical scholarship and people who want to understand the Christian faith. This book presents eight basic doctrines of Christianity--The Bible, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Human Beings, Redemption, The Church, and The Last Things--in clear, simple language that gives seasoned Christians a fresh understanding of the Bible and its teachings and puts new Christians on familiar terms with Christian doctrine. Gilbert Bilezikian does not shape his analysis of these doctrines in the worn-out, rationalistic categories of older systematic theologies, but in vibrant, dynamic language designed to communicate biblical truths to contemporary believers.

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Author: Gilbert G. Bilezikian
Number of Pages: 304 pages
Published Date: 27 Nov 1996
Publisher: ZONDERVAN
Publication Country: Grand Rapids, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780310577010
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